ACFOM – decorative panels

The Acfom – foam collection consists of selected decors and lightweight finishing materials. The panels are easy and quick to assemble. They will perfectly fit into any decor. They can be used as decorations on: walls, ceilings and fronts. They are distinguished by durability and elegance. The collection of decorative foams was created with the most demanding projects in mind. The product is perfect for individual and mass use. Lightness, easy cutting and quick assembly will help speed up the work. Acfom foams are also dedicated to projects where lightweight solutions are needed, such as modular houses, houseboats, campers and caravans.

Available colours

White Topx 1982
Nature 1502
Nature 1960
Gold GP 3020
Gold metallic 9803
Navy blue metallic 9010
White SK 1796
Grey cappuccino SK 85465
Dark grey 85633

Product description

ACFOM decorative panels are manufactured on the basis of a foamed PVC board with a thickness of 8 mm. The top panels are covered with a layer of laminate with a thickness of 0.2 – 1.0 mm. The laminate is an acrylic/foil/decorative mat top layer, the finish varies depending on the decor. In the case of white gloss, the top layer is additionally protected with a protective foil. At the customer’s request, the back of the panel can be covered with a layer of anti-pressure PVC material with a thickness of 0.2 mm, which eliminates the possibility of panel tensions. During the production process, only waterproof PUR glue is used, thanks to which the boards do not swell and do not absorb moisture from the outside.

The thickness of the board is 8.6 +/-0.4 mm depending on the decor.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions 3050 × 1220 mm
2800 x 1220 mm stone structure dimension for courier shipments
1500 x 600 mm (1380 x 600 mm stone structure)
Estimated total thickness PREMIUM 8,6 +/-0.4 mm
Top layer acrylic/foil/decorative mat
Core pvc foam 8 mm
Reverse side n/a
Possible modifications plywood, sandwich, chipboard, mdf
On request antipressure white pvc 0,2mm on reverse or antidouble-sided laminate board
Economic version - POLGLOS SPECIAL individual pricing
Estimated total thickness SPECIAL -

Product features

Beautiful design
Exclusive appearance
Resistance to UV radiation
Excellent resistance to stains
Easy to cut
Quick to assamble
Moisture resistance

Areas of application:

  • walls,
  • ceilings,
  • furniture,
  • stands,
  • modular houses,
  • houseboats,
  • crossovers, campers,
  • wall decorations,
  • ceilings

Care and cleaning instructions

The boards do not require hardening. After installation, they are ready to use. Clean the surface with a mild soap and lukewarm water. We use soft fabric cloths and microfiber. We avoid acidic substances, strong bases, abrasive and caustic products.


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    We specialize in the production of high-gloss and super-matte Polglos furniture boards and Acfom light decorative panels. In our offer you will also find the Polglos HPL product line for the investment industry and the latest Italian wood-like decors presented in the Polglos Natura collection.

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